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“Moment Of Truth” Theatre by Alter Production and Musical Theatre “KALOPSIA” by Concordia Production

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RADARCIKARANG.COM – BEKASI – Performing Arts Communication or PAC major at LSPR has always been known for their productions such as musical theatre, music concerts, short movies, etc. As remarked by Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, “After facing pandemic conditions for two years, Perfoming Arts Communication students consistently develop their creativity and skills especially PAC batch 23, who are preparing to hold two performances entitled “Moment of Truth” and “KALOPSIA”. As a part of the International Exam assessment, the two PAC classes that are currently in their 6th semester will be performing musical theatres that are produced and performed by them. Class PAC 23-1TP will produce under the name “Alter Production” and class PAC 23-2TP under the name “Concordia Production”.

“Moment of Truth” and “KALOPSIA” are both original scripts that are written by students as a part of “Plan and Production” course taught by Mr. Andrew Trigg, B.Sc., M.A.. “This course is a real highlight of the Performing Arts Communication Course. It gives all the students great experience in writing and performing a full length theatre production, and challenges them to be creative and work as a team”, explained Mr. Trigg. Every member of the production are talented and skilled in many different fields, thus these productions will be a great opportunity for them to enhance, practice and channel their abilities as performing arts students. “Moment of Truth” will be performed on the July 27, 2022 and “KALOPSIA” on July 29, 2022, at the The Amani Paladium Theatre, Transpark Bekasi. As a part of the course “Event Management & MICE”, the students organized a series of pre-events that precede the theatre performance. The pre-events include talk show, mini music concerts, and a press conference. “Our students are not only prepared to stand on the stage but also excel in preparing the promotion and the road to the performance day by creating meaningful pre events and social media contents.” explain Ms. Patricia Vicky Sihombing as the lecturer for this subject.

The press conference will be a collaborative event organized by “Alter Production” and “Concordia Production”, on July 21, 2022. It will take place at the Amani Palladium Theatre, Transpark bekasi and will start at 10.00 a.m. WIB. The students also performed a showcase for the course “Performing Arts Showcase”, supervised by Ms. Karina Indah Septiani. “The talents and skills of Performing Arts Communication students always make anyone amazed and proud. They can bring positive energy to anyone who witness their performance”, commented Ms. Karin. The showcase was performed at the Main Atrium of “Mall of Indonesia” as two separate performance conducted by each classes. *

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